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PT. Niramas Utama (INACO)

PT. Niramas Utama is food and beverages company and pioneer of Nata de Coco manufacturer in Indonesia. We produce Nata de Coco, Aloe Vera, Jelly and Pudding. We run a tight quality control to make sure our products are hygienic by implementing GMP and HACCP. Our brand INACO is a famous brand which has been recognized in Indonesia and achieved many Best Brand awards. We have exported our product to Japan, Philippines, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, USA, Canada, etc. Our new product I'MCOCO, is a nata de coco drink made from fruit juices, used 100% real sugar without artificial sweetener added and combined with crunchy nata de coco cubes made from fresh coconut milk. I'MCOCO is source of vitamin C, helps in the development and maintenance of collagen tissue is our body.
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