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Mega Capital International Holdings Limited

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Mega Capital International Holdings Limited is a multi-national conglomerate of diverse interests and global visions. Our main business includes Halal international trade and industry. Our international trade business is mainly based in Dubai and Malaysia, two of the most influential trade centers, with a business scope ranging across the world. At present, we have established two overseas companies in Dubai and Malaysia respectively. The one in Malaysia is Mega Capital’s Malaysian International Trade Center, aiming to connect with Malaysia and the ASEAN markets. The other in Dubai is Mega Capital’s DAFZA (Dubai Airport Free Zone) International Trade Center, which covers the Middle East, Africa and Europe markets. Well-known for the spirit of pursuing excellence, we keep concentrating on product sales and operation. In the future, we’ll work further to enrich business portfolio and offer diversified top-notch product to customers.
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