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Bong Chu Food System Co., Ltd.

HAN-Q Korean Food Condiment Since BongChu Food System Co., Ltd. opened its first restaurant in 2000, serving Andong Jjim Dak(Andong-style braised spicy chicken with vegetables), the enterprise has grown into a major chicken dish franchise chain with 179 restaurants across the country. BongChu Food System is continuously developing Korean culinary tradition and flavor that fits the tastes of modern Korean people and global consumers. As part of these efforts, BongChu Food System is engaged in producing Korean sauces including toppoki seasoning and kimchi seasoning under its HAN-Q brand name. The kimchi seasoning can be used for making Korean fresh kimchi. With our toppoki seasoning, you can deliciously cook toppoki for yourself at home. HAN-Q seasonings can be used to make popular Korean foods instantly and easily at home.
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