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羊肚菌又称羊肚菜、羊蘑、羊肚蘑。用于食积气滞、脘腹胀满、痰壅气逆喘咳。羊肚菌又称羊肚菜、羊蘑。羊肚菌(Morchella),又名草笠竹,是一种珍贵的食用菌和药用菌。羊肚菌于1818年被发现。其结构与盘菌相似,上部呈褶皱网状,既像个蜂巢,也像个羊肚,因而得名。羊肚菌在山火之后的两至三年内产量特高,因.... [Read More]

Minimum Order Qty: 1 Box
Product Category: Mushrooms & Truffles
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Hubei Shanyou Characteristic Agriculture Co., Ltd.

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