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Benefits for supplier

Benefits for supplier

All suppliers of Halal products and services may register with eHalal.com. There are no barriers and it is completely Free of Charge

The benefits of becoming an eHalal.com supplier

International Halal Authorities

Partners consist of international halal authorities.

Partners consist of international halal authorities.

One portal for both B2B and B2C. Supplier products and services are promoted to Distributors, Retailers and Consumers.

Brand Improvement

eHalal.com provides assistance for suppliers to upgrade their product standards to be more competitive and ready to sell to international consumers.

Recognized Barcodes

eHalal.com and GS1 will assist in providing internationally recognized barcodes for customs and supply chain to obtain all the necessary attribute information required.

Business Goal

Suppliers can grow their business in sales while increasing their readiness for a global market that requires higher standards with the support of eHalal.com.



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