Borganic® Supreme Protein Supplement

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Supplier: Glory Kingdom Corp.

Country of Origin:  Taiwan

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Glory Kingdom Corp.


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Modern diets are always nutritionally unbalanced and insufficient, causing decrease in metabolism function and leading to feelings of tiredness and fatigue. Borganic® Supreme Protein Supplement is full of extra nourishment, specially designed by Glory Kingdom’s professional nutrition team to improve your diet and banish tiredness. Adequate protein is an essential nutrient in the diet, is the key to staying healthy. Borganic® Supreme Protein Supplement is enriched with high quality proteins, various essential vitamins and minerals; giving you sufficient nutrition and great vitality. It’s suitable for everyone in your family includes pregnant and lactating mothers!********** SPECIAL FEATURES: 1. Combination of dual quality protein (non-GMO soy protein + whey protein), highly increase the utilization of proteins; 2. Contain 31 types of nutrients to fuel your energy level through the day, a perfect energy source; 3. The calcium is twice the amount of milk, helps to maintain normal heart and muscle contraction, maintain healthy nervous system, bone and teeth; 4. Contain 28 types of vitamins and minerals, it is more nutritious than regular milk powder, help to enhance your health; 5. High in fiber, formulated to increase bowel movement, increase satiety and maintain healthy GI tract. ********** SUITABLE FOR: People with unbalanced diet, care after illness, people who need to enhance strength, elderly, for protein supplement, pregnant and lactating mother, lacto-vegetarian.

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We are a professional nutrition food company from Taiwan founded in 1987, and focus in preventive healthcare products and promote the concept of accurate health for 3 decades. We are specialized in developing/OEM/ODM a complete range of safe, effective and superior healthcare products suitable for everyone from 0 to 100 years old. Our nutritional foods include special/medical dietary foods, nutrition foods, infant/mother/elderly powdered formula, organic and natural foods. Our professional nutrition food has a strong brand position and is recognized as an industry leader via numerous TV commercials and multiple-level marketing. More than 50 million people trusted our products where could be purchased from more than 3000 distributors, including high-end supermarkets, cosmeceutical shops, hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, organic stores, and many others. You are more than welcome to explore our website for more information (Chinese:; English:; Video introduction:

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Borganic® Supreme Protein Supplement

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