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About Us

eHalal.com is an HDC (Halal Industry Development Corporation) initiative. Our platform functions as a One-Stop Global Halal Directory, enabling and safeguarding producers of Halal goods and services to reach the world of eCommerce and expand their business worldwide.

eHalal.com allows all suppliers of Halal products and services to publish information about their company, relevant certification, products and product packages. This information is then shared with all our ecommerce partners and affiliates, maximizing your reach and exposure to prospective buyers worldwide.

We bring together all suppliers of Halal products and services under a single directory of Halal certified businesses, sharing Halal product packages electronically to established eCommerce marketplaces, solving the logistics, payment and warranty issues.

How eHalal.com Works for Suppliers

All suppliers of Halal products and services may register with eHalal.com. There are no barriers and it is completely Free of Charge.

How eHalal.com Works for Distributors

Distributors can use the eHalal.com Directory to view the product information, company information and certification information of all listed suppliers of Halal products and services. Interested Distributors may contact the relevant supplier directly via the online form, which will track and follow-up the established referral.

How eHalal.com Works for Resellers

Resellers can find the products they want and the list of distributors directly in eHalal.com or from popular B2C portals & marketplaces. This makes it easier for you to contact nearby distributors and place your orders directly.

How eHalal.com Works for Consumers

Consumers are buyers who buy in small quantity. There are many large and established ecommerce portals and marketplaces that cater to regular consumers. These established players have the proper infrastructure in place such as logistics, online payments, customs clearance, foreign exchange, remittance and warranty systems. Therefore, eHalal.com provides the product data source to these established portals so that consumers will be able to order their desired products directly from them.

With the arrival of eHalal.com as “Your One-Stop Global Halal Directory”, we are well-placed not just to be a leader in Global Halal ecommerce, but to be a Trendsetter of the Islamic Digital Economy.

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